Week 9 Training Recap

I am feeling wrecked in so many ways. I thought I was putting in some good work this week until I started to get a head cold and stomach bug. I also lost a lot of confidence in myself after previewing the whole Wallis Sands half marathon course during today’s long run. But leading up to Saturday, I was getting reassurance in my training.

I was pleasantly surprised with Monday’s cruise intervals. I was aiming to run around a 8 minute average pace for each of the (4) 10 minute intervals. I was halfway through the first interval and I was around a 7 minute pace, so I decided that would be the goal for each interval. I was so stoked by the end of the run as the average pace for the splits were (7:11, 6:58, 6:59 & 6:51).


Thursday’s Long Intervals (Warm-up: 10 min – 6x 5 min/3 min rest – Cool-down: 10 min)

I was able to meet up with some friends for a little trail run Wednesday, which was nice to see some old faces and be out there not really caring about training metrics. I should have went easier and not accrued so much elevation gain, since I had my long interval run the next day but it was hard not to feel carefree on the trails. As for the long intervals, I wasn’t looking forward to them since I had to run 6 intervals instead of 5, like last week. The good thing is I ran better than last week, although I was drained before the last interval. I believe a big part of the success this week compared to last week was my breathing technique. Last week my core was so sore and painful. I know that when I was breathing, I was practically gasping for air, mouth opened wide and trying to suck every O2 molecule out of the air. This week though, I noticed when I had more of a “controlled” breath as I gasped for air I had no core pain or soreness. I can only hope I remember this moving forward.


Little Bear and Speedy feeling the wind on Saturday’s Long Run with Speed Play

I threw in a sick day since the head cold got the best of me and rendered me useless Friday. I also thought it would benefit me on Saturday when I preview the half marathon course. Unfortunately, Saturday’s long run was all sorts of wrong. I felt queasy on the drive out to the coast, which could of been nerves or that stomach bug. Most likely, it was both of them. I was excited for the warm temperature, but the wind being at 16mph made it feel like the low 30s. As the wind made it a rather blustery day, I struggled the whole time trying to push the stroller with all the head wind. It felt like I was trying to push a tank. My body took such a beating today, physically and mentally. All I know is if, a big IF, the wind is anything like today on race day, I can kiss my goals goodbye. I know I should only worry about what I can control, but after running the whole course with today’s conditions and my own ill symptoms, race day doesn’t look bright. I don’t know if I am going to be able to find the spark I need within the last 4 weeks of training. So all I can do is keep my head down and keep to the plan. I’ll worry about the mental aspect the day before the race. As of right now though….it’s looking bleak!


Apr 02 – 50 minute Foundation Run <SOLO/Trails> – 4.71 miles (46 degrees and sunny)

Apr 03 – 72 minute Cruise Intervals – 8.86 miles (50 degrees and sunny)

Apr 04 – 60 minute Foundation Run – 6.13 miles (39 degrees and raining)

Apr 05 – 70 minute Foundation Run <SOLO/Trails> – 5.42 miles (43 degrees and cloudy)

Apr 06 – 68 minute Long Intervals Run – 7.48 miles (36 degrees and raining)

Apr 07 – Sick Day!

Apr 08 – 14 Mile Long Run with Speed Play – 14.00 miles (43 degrees and cloudy)

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