Week 8 Training Recap

I definitely felt this week’s training toward the end. It could also be potty training too. I’m super happy for Little Bear to grasp the concept very easily, but after 2 weeks, I wish she would go on her own without having the need for me to be there. I can’t wait until both these trainings are over with. It’s the first time in 5 weeks where I ran more than 50 miles in a week. A part of me is happy, but the realist in me knows I’m technically short by 30+ miles if I was able to follow the original plan. As they say….”SHIT HAPPENS.”

So it was a battle zone this past week mentally. I pulled out the lazy card on Monday. I was absolutely over training and running in general. I have had issues with my watch again and the heart rate monitor. I can’t seem to dial it in and it’s becoming a distraction, a frustrated one at that! Then I was able to sneak away for some trails, which I was trying to hold off on until after the race in case I end up twisting an ankle or whatever else may occur on the trail that would set me back. But it was relaxing and enjoyable. I felt free from the pressures of training and was able to just focus on my footing and not my heart rate and other metrics. I can tell my aerobic endurance has increased along with having stronger legs. I was able to run the trails without having to stop and walk up the 2 big climbs, which was different. Granted I wasn’t pushing myself, but it was still nice to be able to run the whole thing.


Long Intervals: How I felt

A double run day? Yeah, that appeared out of no where. It was more of… the girls need a nap and my wife needed some down time. Thursday’s long interval session was brutal, absolutely stressful and a true nightmare all balled up.  This run was the first time I felt like I had to puke. It was like someone punching you in the stomach and then running for 5 minutes as hard as you can with a 3 minute rest period, then repeat for a total of 5 intervals. My core never experienced so much pain! I did noticed some lactate build up, which I could have mustered through. Unfortunately, the stomach pain was so bad, I forgot I had lactate build up in my legs. The only positive thing I could walk away from that day was a new mile PR, 05:54.4 and that is with the double stroller! The previous PR was 05:57 and that was without a stroller.

Saturday’s long run was completely off. I felt horrible the whole run. I wasn’t excited to be out running in the sloppy mess that was on the ground. Really, 16″ of snow in April? The roads weren’t too bad by the time I got out there with the girls, but between the stroller, the passing cars and my foot landing in slush, I was completely waterlogged. I was so unhappy with the splits and glad the run was over. It leaves me thinking if I’m going to be ready for May 7th or if I may just scrap the training plan and do whatever I feel like. Maybe find the pure joy of running again, since it has become such a daunting task everyday. I really don’t know what’s in store for me as the final weeks start to close in, but one thing is in for certain, I can’t wait until the last week or so to decide. I guess I will truly see how resilient and mentally strong I am as race day will be here before I know it.


Mar 26 – 90 minute Foundation Run – 9.22 miles (37 degrees and cloudy)

Mar 27 – LAZY DAY :o(

Mar 28 – 50 minute Foundation Run – 5.33 miles (36 degrees and cloudy)

Mar 29 – 65 minute Foundation Run <SOLO/Trails> – 6.58 miles (39 degrees and cloudy)

100 minute Recovery Run – 9.27 miles (45 degrees and cloudy)

Mar 30 – 55 minute Long Intervals Run – 6.33 miles (46 degrees and sunny)

Mar 31 – 35 minute Recovery Run – 3.10 miles (36 degrees and cloudy)

Apr 01 – 14 Mile Long Run with Speed Play – 14.40 miles (34 degrees and snowing)

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