Week 7 Training Recap

This week seemed like a blur, from home life to training. It may be because I’ve been potty training Little Bear and it has gone well except for #2. She’ll get it, hopefully sooner than later. I felt like training all week was mediocre and nothing more. I don’t have any recollection of feeling stoked about any particular run and then looking through my notes, I saw one run that I forgot about what happened.

It was Wednesday’s foundation run, which is the same day Little Bear started potty training. It was a super cold day and I waited until the girls were in bed. As the wife got home, I dressed up and was aiming for 45-60 minutes of being on the road. Unfortunately, the run was cut short. As I was running back toward my street, a car was approaching me from my back and as the head lights illuminated more of the road in front of me, it wasn’t at the posted speed limit. I was a little frustrated on why this truck was going so slow as it passed me, maybe 20-25 mph, in which the  posted speed limit is 40 mph. It wasn’t until the truck passed that I started to get warning signs flash in my head. The truck continued to drive the same speed as it passed and I saw all the patch work on the body of the truck, which didn’t help ease my mind. The truck was about 100-150 yards ahead of me when I saw it pull off to the side of the road, which at that moment I was looking at various routes to run. Should I dash up the hill and onto the highway? Do I turn around and head toward the closest neighborhood/house? As I was closing in on the truck, it started to pull back out onto the road, which at the same time, another car was coming in the opposite direction. I lost sight of the truck as it rounded the bend in the road and when I finally got there I don’t know if it continued along the road in the direction I wanted to head. So, I turned onto the only side street hoping the truck wasn’t there. I was able to make the last mile home without seeing the truck. It might have been the mind getting the best of me, but I have never seen someone drive that slow on the road I was on. Also, running at night on roads that are not heavy with traffic didn’t help the situation. I would usually run in the surrounding neighborhoods during night runs, but I didn’t want to run hills. Well, this blur of week is over and Week 8 has begun. I can only hope it gets better and my body starts to feel rejuvenated.


Mar 19 – REST DAY

Mar 20 – 47 minute Cruise Interval Run – 5.38 miles (39 degrees and sunny)

Mar 21 – 75 minute Foundation Run – 8.11 miles (48 degrees and cloudy)

Mar 22 – 30 minute Foundation Run <SOLO> – 3.48 miles (18 degrees and nighttime)

Mar 23 – 45 minute Short Intervals Run – 5.20 miles (36 degrees and sunny)

Mar 24 – LAZY DAY :o(

Mar 25 – 10 Mile Long Run with Speed Play – 11.00 miles (30 degrees and sunny)

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