Week 6 Training Recap


Little Bear and Speedy watching Stella dump snow on us

Another mediocre week in the books. Is this the M.O. of this training block? I ended up taking 3 days off because of the abuse my neck and shoulders took from shoveling for 4 hours to clear the driveway. This was split up into two shifts within 12 hours. Yes, I do have a snowblower, which is nonfunctional right now and my wife kindly reminds me ;o) The day Stella came through was also the hardest run I have done this winter season, 2016/2017. It was so hard to maneuver the stroller time to time. I was hindered by most of the hills too.

FullSizeRender (4)

A frame by frame process of winter stroller running

There was close to 8″ of snow on the roads that was roughly snowplowed. I was struggling as my legs burned and my shoes dug in for traction that wasn’t there. I wore my Salomon Fellcross, which I never had a probably with before in the snow. The problem was a slick layer of slush underneath all the fluff. So spikes would of been a better choice, if I owned a pair. I always get excited to run in extreme weather conditions, but pushing a stroller that has road tires on it, definitely adds to the equation. I always view it as mental training. All in all, it was a great run since the girls were able to get a good nap in.

Today I wanted to preview the half marathon course in Rye, NH. Unfortunately it was a failure. I wasn’t completely sure of where I was or if I was going in the right direction, so I asked this gentleman where Ocean Blvd. was? He told me to stay right and I’ll end up on it. This all sounded like the map I briefly glanced at before I left the house this morning. Basically, I cut the last 3 miles off the course. I did do another mile but when I came onto Ocean Blvd. and saw the Start/Finish area I lost all motivation to run. The run didn’t end well, but it was so nice to run with a ocean view for the first 3 miles and smell the salt air. What I did learn today, besides where I went right instead of left, was where I will have potential problems with the stroller. As known as, HILLS! They are not big or long, but when you are pushing a fast pace with a stroller and using not just your legs but your arms, any incline in the road seems big. I also think there will be potential headwind within the last 5 miles, which will also take it’s toll on me, especially if I push the stroller without a weather shield. I plan on previewing the course one more time next month and hopefully I won’t go off course.

As of right now, my quads and hamstrings are sore. I’m tired from a busy day of bouncing around the state, from the beach to Grandma’s for lunch, then to Concord for a concert for kids, followed by dinner at home and bedtime for Little Bear and Speedy. I’m also feeling weak mentally and want this race to come. I want to get it over with and just be done with it. So much for the whole speil about enjoying the journey! LOL! I’m sure my mindset will change, but I think 6 months of training is starting to break me down and lose my inner desire to thrive. Maybe if I had other races thrown into the mix to help boost confidence in the training. Unfortunately, I did promise my wife that I would run one race only since we are buckling down trying to pay off the student loans by 2019.

Happy Running!


Mar 12 – 30 minute Foundation Run <SOLO> – 3.32 miles (21 degrees and sunny)

Mar 13 – 50 minute Tempo Run – 5.72 miles (30 degrees and sunny)

Mar 14 – 60 minute Foundation Run – 5.60 miles (27 degrees and heavy snowfall)




Mar 18 – 12 Mile Long Run with Speed Play – 11.00 miles (30 degrees and sunny)

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