Week 5 Training Recap



Nor’easter Forecast for March 14th and 15th

Week 5 is over and I can’t even say I weathered the storm, especially with what Mother Nature is dropping on us this week. I’ve mentally accepted the injury will be present throughout the remainder of training, but I’m NOT mentally ready for all this winter weather returning. Tuesday into Wednesday, we are expecting heavy snow fall! I’m officially over it and ready for warmer temperatures. I mean, look at the last 3 days from last week. It went from 43 degrees to a frigid 5 degrees and add in the wind chill, the “Feels Like” temperature was -15 degrees!!!!

I feel like the remaining training posts are going to be a roller coaster of mental breakdowns. One week, I’ll feel ready and the other week I’ll have no confidence in myself or the training plan. Speaking of training plans, I’m totally throwing out all double run days and most likely shorten a foundation or recovery run here and there. I think this will be the best bet for my body to last until the day after the race. I was truly a IDIOT during the month of January and am paying for it in the long run. Yes, I gained some insight to a greater mindset from the challenge, but my body needed more time to fully recover than I really had to give. I mean, who increases their monthly mileage by 250%?? So, I hope this will be the best decision going forward for my body and mind to receive more rest and break.

Here is last weeks training and I have to mentally get ready for winter running again. Happy Running!






Mar 09 – 51 minute Short Interval Run – 5.70 miles (43 degrees and sunny)

Mar 10 – 60 minute Recovery Run – 5.73 miles (30 degrees and snowing)

Mar 11 – 10 Mile Long Run with Speed Play <SOLO> – 10.02 miles (5 degrees and cloudy)

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