Week 7 Training Recap

This week seemed like a blur, from home life to training. It may be because I’ve been potty training Little Bear and it has gone well except for #2. She’ll get it, hopefully sooner than later. I felt like training all week was mediocre and nothing more. I don’t have any recollection of feeling stoked about any particular run and then looking through my notes, I saw one run that I forgot about what happened.

It was Wednesday’s foundation run, which is the same day Little Bear started potty training. It was a super cold day and I waited until the girls were in bed. As the wife got home, I dressed up and was aiming for 45-60 minutes of being on the road. Unfortunately, the run was cut short. As I was running back toward my street, a car was approaching me from my back and as the head lights illuminated more of the road in front of me, it wasn’t at the posted speed limit. I was a little frustrated on why this truck was going so slow as it passed me, maybe 20-25 mph, in which the  posted speed limit is 40 mph. It wasn’t until the truck passed that I started to get warning signs flash in my head. The truck continued to drive the same speed as it passed and I saw all the patch work on the body of the truck, which didn’t help ease my mind. The truck was about 100-150 yards ahead of me when I saw it pull off to the side of the road, which at that moment I was looking at various routes to run. Should I dash up the hill and onto the highway? Do I turn around and head toward the closest neighborhood/house? As I was closing in on the truck, it started to pull back out onto the road, which at the same time, another car was coming in the opposite direction. I lost sight of the truck as it rounded the bend in the road and when I finally got there I don’t know if it continued along the road in the direction I wanted to head. So, I turned onto the only side street hoping the truck wasn’t there. I was able to make the last mile home without seeing the truck. It might have been the mind getting the best of me, but I have never seen someone drive that slow on the road I was on. Also, running at night on roads that are not heavy with traffic didn’t help the situation. I would usually run in the surrounding neighborhoods during night runs, but I didn’t want to run hills. Well, this blur of week is over and Week 8 has begun. I can only hope it gets better and my body starts to feel rejuvenated.


Mar 19 – REST DAY

Mar 20 – 47 minute Cruise Interval Run – 5.38 miles (39 degrees and sunny)

Mar 21 – 75 minute Foundation Run – 8.11 miles (48 degrees and cloudy)

Mar 22 – 30 minute Foundation Run <SOLO> – 3.48 miles (18 degrees and nighttime)

Mar 23 – 45 minute Short Intervals Run – 5.20 miles (36 degrees and sunny)

Mar 24 – LAZY DAY :o(

Mar 25 – 10 Mile Long Run with Speed Play – 11.00 miles (30 degrees and sunny)

Week 6 Training Recap


Little Bear and Speedy watching Stella dump snow on us

Another mediocre week in the books. Is this the M.O. of this training block? I ended up taking 3 days off because of the abuse my neck and shoulders took from shoveling for 4 hours to clear the driveway. This was split up into two shifts within 12 hours. Yes, I do have a snowblower, which is nonfunctional right now and my wife kindly reminds me ;o) The day Stella came through was also the hardest run I have done this winter season, 2016/2017. It was so hard to maneuver the stroller time to time. I was hindered by most of the hills too.

FullSizeRender (4)

A frame by frame process of winter stroller running

There was close to 8″ of snow on the roads that was roughly snowplowed. I was struggling as my legs burned and my shoes dug in for traction that wasn’t there. I wore my Salomon Fellcross, which I never had a probably with before in the snow. The problem was a slick layer of slush underneath all the fluff. So spikes would of been a better choice, if I owned a pair. I always get excited to run in extreme weather conditions, but pushing a stroller that has road tires on it, definitely adds to the equation. I always view it as mental training. All in all, it was a great run since the girls were able to get a good nap in.

Today I wanted to preview the half marathon course in Rye, NH. Unfortunately it was a failure. I wasn’t completely sure of where I was or if I was going in the right direction, so I asked this gentleman where Ocean Blvd. was? He told me to stay right and I’ll end up on it. This all sounded like the map I briefly glanced at before I left the house this morning. Basically, I cut the last 3 miles off the course. I did do another mile but when I came onto Ocean Blvd. and saw the Start/Finish area I lost all motivation to run. The run didn’t end well, but it was so nice to run with a ocean view for the first 3 miles and smell the salt air. What I did learn today, besides where I went right instead of left, was where I will have potential problems with the stroller. As known as, HILLS! They are not big or long, but when you are pushing a fast pace with a stroller and using not just your legs but your arms, any incline in the road seems big. I also think there will be potential headwind within the last 5 miles, which will also take it’s toll on me, especially if I push the stroller without a weather shield. I plan on previewing the course one more time next month and hopefully I won’t go off course.

As of right now, my quads and hamstrings are sore. I’m tired from a busy day of bouncing around the state, from the beach to Grandma’s for lunch, then to Concord for a concert for kids, followed by dinner at home and bedtime for Little Bear and Speedy. I’m also feeling weak mentally and want this race to come. I want to get it over with and just be done with it. So much for the whole speil about enjoying the journey! LOL! I’m sure my mindset will change, but I think 6 months of training is starting to break me down and lose my inner desire to thrive. Maybe if I had other races thrown into the mix to help boost confidence in the training. Unfortunately, I did promise my wife that I would run one race only since we are buckling down trying to pay off the student loans by 2019.

Happy Running!


Mar 12 – 30 minute Foundation Run <SOLO> – 3.32 miles (21 degrees and sunny)

Mar 13 – 50 minute Tempo Run – 5.72 miles (30 degrees and sunny)

Mar 14 – 60 minute Foundation Run – 5.60 miles (27 degrees and heavy snowfall)




Mar 18 – 12 Mile Long Run with Speed Play – 11.00 miles (30 degrees and sunny)

Week 5 Training Recap



Nor’easter Forecast for March 14th and 15th

Week 5 is over and I can’t even say I weathered the storm, especially with what Mother Nature is dropping on us this week. I’ve mentally accepted the injury will be present throughout the remainder of training, but I’m NOT mentally ready for all this winter weather returning. Tuesday into Wednesday, we are expecting heavy snow fall! I’m officially over it and ready for warmer temperatures. I mean, look at the last 3 days from last week. It went from 43 degrees to a frigid 5 degrees and add in the wind chill, the “Feels Like” temperature was -15 degrees!!!!

I feel like the remaining training posts are going to be a roller coaster of mental breakdowns. One week, I’ll feel ready and the other week I’ll have no confidence in myself or the training plan. Speaking of training plans, I’m totally throwing out all double run days and most likely shorten a foundation or recovery run here and there. I think this will be the best bet for my body to last until the day after the race. I was truly a IDIOT during the month of January and am paying for it in the long run. Yes, I gained some insight to a greater mindset from the challenge, but my body needed more time to fully recover than I really had to give. I mean, who increases their monthly mileage by 250%?? So, I hope this will be the best decision going forward for my body and mind to receive more rest and break.

Here is last weeks training and I have to mentally get ready for winter running again. Happy Running!






Mar 09 – 51 minute Short Interval Run – 5.70 miles (43 degrees and sunny)

Mar 10 – 60 minute Recovery Run – 5.73 miles (30 degrees and snowing)

Mar 11 – 10 Mile Long Run with Speed Play <SOLO> – 10.02 miles (5 degrees and cloudy)

Word of the Day

Arid (adj.) – lacking in interest and life

Vapid (adj.) – lacking liveliness, tang, briskness, or force

Lackluster (adj.) –  lacking in sheen, brilliance, or vitality

Phlegmatic (adj.) – resembling, consisting of, or producing the humor phlegm


It doesn’t matter how one paints this internal picture, my mindset is ashes. The fire that was inside feels extinguished, there isn’t even a glowing amber inside me right now. Even as I think of the task of training or catching the “unicorn.” It has been 9 days since I last ran and I’m okay with that. This is my current mindset, which has been my whole life, “I’m okay with that.” I always jump into the deep end, filled with passion and desire to excel. Succeed! But I always tire out, too tired to continue to swim when the water gets choppy and difficult that I pull myself onto a raft and float at an easily leisure.

Over the years I have been trying to figure myself out, try to understand who I am as a person and how, if I allow myself, to become a better person. I do know I am not one willing to put in the work when the situation becomes difficult and challenging. I also know that I am not going to become a better person without the struggles and failures in life. Yes, I have failed plenty, but not at the cost of putting my whole self into the task or journey. I thought this “unicorn”goal would be the start of journey toward a new person. One that can endure the process, even if some days or weeks seem bleak.


I guess this is where the true journey begins. The last 5 months have been a warm-up, a prelude to the true story at hand. I have 59 days left to pull through this despair, to fire up the cylinders and attack my daily training with purpose. I have to catch that “unicorn”, if not, know that I did everything I could leading up to the event that would test my mentality. I need to complete this journey no matter how the body feels physically, mentally or what Mother Nature has in store in the upcoming 59 days. One thing I did hear the other day which seems so true to me is, “motivation is nothing but a phase,” meaning no matter how inspired one becomes or motivated they get, it will dissipate like the snow in Spring.

Here is to the next 59 days, one training day at a time…

…so I ran

I was going to post this yesterday, but got caught up with the girls followed by a run. The first run in 9 days and it was extremely liberating from what I previously wrote hours prior. It was a huge combustion of excitement and a newer me?!? The one thing I noticed during the run, which was 12x 1 minute intervals with 2 minute rest, my strides were shortened. I felt faster than I have since training started. I know the 9 days rest had something to do with it, but the groin injury is still bothersome – manageable though.

FullSizeRender (3)

My splits from yesterday’s Short Intervals (Warm-up: 10 min – 12x 1 min/2 min Rest – Cool-down: 5 min)

I am simply STOKED! I’m stoked to continue training and look forward to each run leading up to race day. I know this injury will most likely be present throughout and I have to remain diligent in taking care of it, ice and stretching. I’m still a little bewildered about my gait, it was almost acting on muscle memory, but I know I’ve never ran with cadence that high. I would say my cadence was averaging 180-190 during the intervals and I usually average 170 at best during a fast pace interval or run. Either way, I have a renewed desire to thrive and enjoy the process of the journey. The journey to catch a “unicorn.”

Week 4 Training Recap




What a set back, 1 step forward and 1,000 steps back. So I had this gnarly knot in my upper left calf for a couple of days which ended up being from a strained groin and hip. I played it smart and haven’t run since Tuesday. SEVEN whole days of not running….HORF! I came to the conclusion that the underlying factor to my calf was my groin when I thought I would do some core exercises since I wasn’t running. Then I felt my groin strain hardcore, it made itself present for days to follow. I pulled out the ice and followed up by light stretching. It didn’t seem like it was getting better, until the past few days. As the saying goes, “When it rains, it pours!” So to add to this disaster, I developed respiratory congestion over the weekend from being outside during the cold temperatures we had and not regulating my body temperature properly.


0.25 miles of trail blazing over the weekend

This weekend I started to blaze a trail in our backyard and spent a total of 5 hours out there and got 0.25 miles done. I’m excited for the thought of having a fun short trail in the backyard to run, although there is much work to be done. Mostly likely, I’m going to need to build an extensive plank boardwalk through an area that I believe will be marshlands once Spring comes.

Back to the training dilemma, I am going to try to wrap up this week following the schedule starting tomorrow and most likely skip the double run days. Unless for some freak reason I’m feeling 100% without the slightest ache or pain during or after my runs. Here is to being optimistic….


Feb 26 – REST DAY

Feb 27 – 57 minute Fast Finish Run – 7.04 miles (43 degrees and sunny)

Feb 28 – 60 minute Foundation Run – 6.16 miles (36 degrees and cloudy)