Week 3 Training Recap

This week flew by and was a complete success on not missing any scheduled training runs. Well I did miss the last double run which was on Friday, but I’m going to modify the training plan to exclude that additional run. One reason is because it’s the day before our long run and I’m already doing a 60 minute recovery run. The second reason is I believe it may lead to over-training. Overall the week went well with the slight issue of my heart rate reading high during runs that I could easily carry a conversation. Of course, my first theory was that it most likely is me, whether it was nutrition, sleep or something else, like the warmer weather. The watch itself never came to mind as being the culprit as the first thought. After a couple of days playing detective, I turned my Garmin Fenix 3HR off and back on in an hour. So far the data has been more accurate comparing it to previous recordings.


Snowshoeing in 55 degree weather in February

The weather has been extremely nice this whole week, which has led to runs in shorts and tees. It also cuts down on the time drastically getting the girls ready for a run. Where before I would have to make sure they were layered well, in addition to their snow suits that they wore. It probably took a good 30-45 minutes for the 3 of us to fully get ready and get the stroller out the door. Now, maybe 15 minutes at max. I also strapped the snowshoes on this week for only the second time this Winter. I ended up making a track circle on the side of the house that was approximately 150 meters. I ended up running circles for 60 minutes and tallied up 5.4 miles. It was difficult at first since it took so long to get a nice packed track, but it was nice to run in a different medium too.

I came across a different mental mind game during my hill repeats this week. It’s called, Little Bear! It was an extremely difficult high intensity interval session. We had to do 10 intervals 1 minute long with a 2 minute rest. Not only did I have to deal with my own mentality of pushing through the heavy legs and lack of oxygen, but I had to listen to Little Bear throw a tantrum every time I started an interval. She kept screaming to turn around and for me to let her down. As soon as the interval was over and I turned around to head back to my starting point she stopped and said, “there it is.” She was referencing a mailbox that is painted orange with white polka-dots. She wanted to be next to it and not leave it. After 8 intervals of mentally breaking down faster than normal. I pleaded with her to help me finish strong and that we only had 2 more intervals to do. I told her I was hurting and that she needed to help me get up the hill without slowing down or stopping short. I asked if she could not throw a tantrum or get frustrated in the fact we were running. I didn’t know if she would truly understand where I was coming from being basically 2.5 years old, but she didn’t make a sound. After the 9th interval, she says, “all done.” I replied saying that is correct and we only have one more. My first split was a 8:42 pace followed by an average pace of 10:15 for the next 7 intervals with Little Bear adding to the mental mindset. The 9th interval I was able to get it down to 9:48 pace and a 8:56 pace for the last interval. I do wish I could have had the average pace be in the 9:30s or lower, but I didn’t expect any additional mental games that day. I can still count on 1 hand the amount of times Little Bear or Speedy were not pleased about being in the stroller, so this occurrence definitely threw me off.

We didn’t do much this week, mostly cooking a few staple recipes and trying out new ones. Little Bear also got to paint and we took a trip to the NH Audubon Society to visit the rescue birds, more specifically, the owls. She loves owls! It was so precious as we were leaving, she said good night to the owls and told them she would miss them. She has so much compassion and love already that I can only hope it never fades.

The weather needs to continue to stay like this and only hope it’s not a tease. I’m also excited this upcoming week will be the last of hill repeats and then on to speed work, YAY! Happy Running from us to you.


Feb 19 – 60 min Foundation Run <SOLO/Snowshoes>– 5.47 miles (55 degrees and cloudy)

Feb 20 – 70 min Fast Finish Run – 8.65 miles (36 degrees and sunny)

35 min Foundation Run – 3.34 miles (39 degrees and sunny)

Feb 21 – 60 min Foundation Run – 6.19 miles (41 degrees and sunny)

Feb 22 – 60 min Foundation Run – 6.15 miles (39 degrees and cloudy)

40 min Foundation Run – 4.09 miles (54 degrees and sunny)

Feb 23 – 45 min Hill Repeats – 3.53 miles (45 degrees and sunny)

Feb 24 – 60 min Recovery Run – 5.17 miles (43 degrees and cloudy/partial light rain)

Feb 25 – 14 mile Long Run – 15.81 miles (55 degrees and cloudy)

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