Week 2 Training Recap

All I can say is that I’m ready for Spring to arrive. I’m officially over Winter and Nor’easters. There were plenty of changes to this weeks training calendar due to the crazy amount of snow we received. Well, the only change was the lack of double run days, which were suppose to start this week. I was scheduled to run 10 times this week, but only managed to run 7. I decided to skip the first 2 additional runs because I was shoveling the driveway or breakdown snow banks to make more room for the upcoming storm. The average time I was outside shoveling was 90 minutes. I felt that it completely justified. As for the third run I missed, that was all self-sabotage. I stayed up way too late Thursday night, that I had no energy to give and I let laziness win in the end. I was drained Friday after a full morning  of activities with the girls, going to Whole Foods and cleaning up the house a bit. When it was time to run again, I gave in to laziness and exhaustion.


A glimpse of a 60 min Foundation Run during a Nor’easter

We also ran our first hill repeat session of the training block and it was brutal. I literally was gasping for air after the first 2 intervals. I kept my feet moving but was struggling with my breathing. I was trying to think if I was inefficiently running up the hill wrong or maxing out on my heart rate. I know I am pushing a stroller but at this point, I’ve run so many miles with Little Bear and Speedy, I consider the stroller an extension of myself and its hard to view it any other way. I can’t consider myself or my training results to be different when compared to other runners. I feel like the moment I give myself that excuse, “oh, I have a stroller that is why…” I won’t be as tenacious in my training or on race day trying to catch my unicorn.


Elevation Chart of the Hill Repeats (Warm-up:11 mins – 6x 1.5 min with 2.5 min Rest – Cool-down: 5 min)

As for dad life, it has been a busy week for Little Bear and Speedy. Tuesday we drove to Rattlebox Studio for their Little Rattlers class, which Little Bear loves and Speedy is starting to be more animated with the songs that are played during the class. Friday after our run we went to Lap Time at the local library and got to enjoy some stories and check out some new books to read. To cap it off, we went to Flipz today to watch Mr. Aaron from Rattlebox Studio put on a concert. Picture a large open space filled with 50+ adults and close to 100 kids running around, it was banana sandwiches. The girls had fun, although trying to keep Speedy from crawling off and Little Bear running off in a different direction started to wear me down after our long run this morning.

I hope this upcoming week will be a solid training week, as long as there are no other Nor’easters coming through. I also need to start doing core workouts and get into a morning habit of mediation, which has been too sporadic. Happy Running!


Feb 12 – 60 min Foundation Run – 5.56 miles (25 degrees and snowing)

Feb 13 – 65 min Fast Finish Run – 7.88 miles (28 degrees and cloudy)

Feb 14 – 60 min Foundation Run – 6.26 miles (36 degrees and sunny)

Feb 15 – 45 min Foundation Run – 4.99 miles (24 degrees and snowing)

Feb 16 – 40 min Hill Repeats – 3.52 miles (32 degrees and sunny/partly cloudy)

Feb 17 – 60 min Recovery Run – 4.97 miles (25 degrees and sunny)

Feb 18 – 12 mile Long Run – 13.08 miles (27 degrees and sunny/partly cloudy)

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