Back to Training

Well, I finished my first semi-week back of half marathon training. It consisted of 4 out of the 7 days since I took the first 6 days off of February to recover. I also took Friday off, due to single digit temperatures and being at home all day and night with the girls. You would think that my body would be ready to grind it out after the huge base mileage I ran in January, but I definitely feel beat-up.

I had some areas that showed signs of tightness or slight soreness throughout the week, ranging from tight heels and Achilles, groin, quads, hamstring and the arches of my feet. These are all things I felt during the month of January and was able to muster on. I think it will take a good 4 weeks to overcome these signs of soreness and due diligence on my part to stretch and foam roll, as well as ice as needed.


Little Bear, Speedy and I doing a Speed Play Run on 02/09/17 during a snow storm.


I’m happy so far with the 4 days I was able to complete and look forward to continuing this newfound confidence into the next 3 months and race day. I don’t really have a key area of focus, other than to not look ahead and to be present each training day. I’m also going to try maintaining a morning routine of waking up at 5:45AM to meditate for 10-20 minutes and then read before the girls get up around 7AM. I am hoping this will help me stay focused on the daily task and not get caught up day dreaming about catching the unicorn. I’m afraid it may distract me from fully pushing myself each day. My wife always says, I have my head in the clouds, there may be some truth to that. It’s time to foam roll and get ready for some snowy miles with the girls. We are expecting 8-18 inches of snow, since we are on the border of 2 different predictions.

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